8 kms from Tournus, in the commune of Ozenay, the Château de Messey is located in a large domain of which one finds traces in the manuscripts of the IXth Century. From the XIth century, with the construction of Abbeys and Romanesque churches such as Tournus, Chapaize and Cluny, this region knew a growing development. The monks of Citeaux and Cluny, whose intellectual influence during several centuries is indisputable, cultivated among others the vine and developed in France the art of making wine.

The soul of the stones of the Château de Messey, restored in the tradition, but with all the modern comfort, will make the joy of all those which seek: calms, the harmony, the natural products, the great wines of Burgundy… and the friendship.

Château de Messey
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History, nature and terroir at Château de Messey
The history of the Château de Messey estate began with the acquisition of an 8-hectare wood in the village of Cruzille by Marc Dumont. This terroir was claimed and exploited by the monks of Cluny as early as the 11th century, and is classified in the Mâcon-Cruzille appellation. It is exposed to the east and faces the Mont Blanc.
The planting of this beautiful high altitude vineyard began in 1989.
Three years later, the first harvest is announced… It will be at the Château de Messey, in Ozenay, that it will be vinified. Built like a Romanesque fortress with two wings facing each other, this 16th century castle has hosted numerous harvests throughout its history. Until 1958. Thirty-five years later, the beautiful vaulted cellars were once again used to ferment wines! That same year, a parcel of Mâcon-Chardonnay was planted in front of the Château on the Crêts terroir.
Today, the estate has grown. We operate two clos without neighbors in two appellations.
Our Clos des Avoueries is a monopoly, which today has 5.30 ha of vines, in the Mâcon-Cruzille appellation. The historical parcel of the domain is an enclosed area closed by woods of boxwood, small oaks and murgers. It is located at an altitude of 400 meters, which allows the wines to retain a lot of freshness, and is exposed to the east facing Mont Blanc. Its terroir, very particular in the Mâconnais, is composed of a thin layer of red clay laid on a very compact limestone slab. The Mineral Spirit!
And the beautiful parcel of Les Crêts, in the Mâcon-Chardonnay appellation, located just opposite the château. It has 5.20 ha of Chardonnay, including 4 ha of young vines that are slowly coming into production. Its terroir, of which we are in the process of completing a study, is composed of white limestone and clay.
In an area of 92 hectares, Château de Messey has a little more than 10 hectares of vines. If you wish to know more about the range of wines produced at the château, you can also visit www.chateaudemessey.com